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Jack Rosevear

Jack Rosevear water truck logoJack Rosevear provides a water delivery service for ranches, farms, fire departments and for anything you would need water on-or-in,… including difficult access roads and lumber truck type mountainous areas.

Jack Rosevear is fire service approved

Jack is equipped for fire protection standby or tank filling.

A career Firefighter who started out as a Law Enforcement Officer, he is experienced with all aspects of heavy truck transportation. Go to Jack Rosevear’s blog, where writes about his professional experiences on the field as well as personal accounts of the past, present and possible meanderings about the future. You can learn more about Jacks professional experience on the Jack’s Bio, or Jack’s About page on the menu, where you will find his resume from way-back to the present.

Jack Rosevear Takes a Stab at Blog Posting

To see an example of one of Jack’s blog post, Go to the Rohnert Park City Council Candidate Jack Rosevear’s post created back in 2010 when Jack answers questions derived from the the stock questionnaire for the Rohnert Park council candidate position.

Another good example of Jack’s background can be found at the article on his Incident Command Experience where he was involvement in managing and coordinating emergency services with local agencies, participation with coordinating and overseeing volunteer fire departments with background information on with disaster emergency planning.